BDSM/Femdom Sessions in Brussels

(also check foot fetish)

Rather than writing a bullet point list of activities, I prefer to describe what I like.
From the moment you enter, you will have a 1 meter space to get naked. You will undress, fold all your clothes and leave them near the entrance door. Then unless instructed differently you will always be on all four. You will never stand up unless I tell you to do so.

From this moment you will be in my hands. I will tease you and punish you. I will explore what you like (I will not allow you to tell me). You will be teased, punished and eventually rewarded. You will have my undivided attention, and I expect to have yours.

Coming back to our time together. I will give you pain, mixed with a little bit of pleasure if you deserve it, but you will have to earn it. You might have to lick my feet clean after a day of walking. You might be so lucky to drink my nectar from a glass, if I have such need while we are together. You might be allowed to stand up for the purpose of cleaning my place while I watch you and control the quality of your work.

You will be allowed to come, but you will have to drink it to the last drop. This is the rule. You will come in a plate, or on the floor, or in a glass may be. If you are really good, I might allow you to come on my feet and lick it up. You must drink/lick it up to the last drop. I will allow you eventually to come multiple times, in different ways, but each time you will have to drink it to the last drop for my pleasure.

Things you WILL  NOT DO
[ ] No intimate with Mistress Maxin
[ ] Wrestling
[ ] Mistress Maxin is NEVER naked

11 am until late during the week.
I normally require at least 24 hours notice for a session, but depending on my schedule same day appointments may be
possible if made early in the day.

My favorite activities:

[ ] Foot Fetish
[ ] Travesty & Sissy play
[ ] Toys / Strap-on training
[ ] Watersports & Face sitting
[ ] Breath play control & Face Slapping
[ ] Flagellation / Canning / Bastinado
[ ] Spanking / Wrapping
[ ] CBT / Ball busting / Key holding / Chastity training
[ ] Nipple torture / Hot wax
[ ] Discipline (in the broadest sense)
[ ] Humiliation verbal & physical
[ ] Role play / Age play / Adult Baby
[ ] Caging / Sensory Deprivation
[ ] Dark Tantric Massage
[ ] Electro-stimulation
[ ] Tease & Denial / Sensual Tie & Teasy
[ ] Pet Play / Maid training
[ ] Workshop for couples
[ ] BDSM lessons for Dummies

All the sessions are from soft up to hard
The list is not conclusive,, I’m willing (and able) to look in to your more specific fantasies.


[ ] Calls from hidden numbers will be left unanswered, no phone-video calls, no live video sessions.
[ ] As a good slave you are, you will use common sense and only call during polite calling hours
[ ] I expect you’re clean before you show up or you don’t mind to take a shower.
[ ] As I want you to be safe and the sessions take place in the best conditions, you may want to inform me about an injury, and allergy or anything concerning your medical background if necessary.
[ ] I require 24 hours notice to make a booking of minimum 1 hour, but a few days before by email is my preferred form of initial contact. As my schedule is quite busy.
[ ] For appointments in the same day, a minimum of 2 hours notice in advance is required.

[ ] Your email should include:
– Particular dates for any appointment
– Be specific about your references
[ ] if you want anal playing during the session you have to make your colon clean and empty before the session